Dear Software Companies,

Are Users able to quickly utilize the full
potential of your application?

Hint: The answer is “NO”.

Digital Adoption Workflow Solution Provider

Digital Adoption Professional Services and Content

Drive employee productivity with In-App guides, Intelligence and Automation.  Accelerate User On-boarding, and Interactive learning.   Content created by us and ready to go for your application.

Elgia’s training expertise and organizational knowledge produce Digital Adoption Workflow Content to assist any company, regardless of size, in deploying  Step-by-Step Workflows that increase employee on-boarding and application adoption.

Interactive self-paced training modules

Once a Free-trial user has converted to a subscriber, self-paced modules can be added as a training technique to facilitate adoption.


Instructor-led online group training classes

Group classes are best for explaining concepts, not showing users where to point and click.  In fact, combining how to complete a task with why a task must be completed, muddies the water, increases training time and decreases understanding and retention.  

Group training is effective when used in the correct way.

Accelerated User Adoption

During the Free-Trial phase, Accelerating Adoption creates a very fast and easy environment for users to interact with the most desirable, advantageous or unique product features.  Using our Accelerated Adoption techniques, Users are far more likely to convert to a subscriber and to convert fast. 

Elgia also offers Digital Adoption Coaching

Elgia’s Digital Adoption Workflow consultants will build your In-App content, help design your Digital Adoption strategy, and  maintain your content throughout the life of your software application.


Achieve higher conversion rates when Free Trial or Paid Pilot users are able to experience your product instantly and effortlessly.

Increase retention for new subscribers by making on-boarding and training a quick and pleasant experience.

Decrease Churn as subscribers quickly become proficient at using your application and integrate it into their daily work life.

Trust elgia to build digital adoption Workflow content

Accelerated Adoption Coaching

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