The User Adoption Life Cycle

Elgia’s clients are SaaS Software Application Providers. For 18 years we have used a multi-faceted approach, targeting each of the 4 phases of the User Adoption Life Cycle, to cause end users to become confident and productive very quickly.

Understanding the User Adoption Life Cycle, and using it to accelerate adoption, is key to creating loyal and engaged customers.


First Date
Phase 1 - First Date
Whether your business model includes a Free Trial, a Freemium offer or a Paid Pilot, there is generally some means for potential customers to preview your application and evaluate their level of potential interest. In this phase your focus is on effortlessly highlighting all of your best features.
First Date
Phase 2 - Courtship
Once users have made the decision to become a subscriber, you have a window of about 1-3 months to impress them or they may look elsewhere. The focus in phase 2 is giving users the knowledge to make decisions needed during setup and then leading them, with the use of in-app guides, through exactly where to point and click to complete setup and begin using the application. In most cases, the users were not part of the buying decision, and are not yet convinced your application will make their life better, and therefore may not yet be willing to spend a lot of time learning. In-app guides help them set up, complete tasks and begin working all while learning in the application.
Phase 3 - Commitment
Phase 3 is the longest of the 4 phases. Here the focus is on Commitment to your product. The users spend time becoming experts and work daily within the application to get things done.
Happily Ever After
Phase 4 - Happily Ever After
This final phase is about keeping Users actively engaged and happy. The focus is on making sure Users are aware of and incorporating your exciting new features and updates as they roll out. These efficiencies and updates will continue to enhance your long term relationship.
Happily Ever After

In-app guides work to accelerate user adoption.

Instant Productivity

No more “figuring out” what you’re supposed 

Divide and Conquer

Training often includes instruction on what you need to do, why you need to do it along with where to point and click to get it done.  This complicates training.  Learn how in-app guides simplify it.

Less time spent training

By guiding users through the exact actions they need to take to complete a task, in-app guides eliminate the 

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